Farming Simulator 17 Review

A lot of games we play are based on fantasy worlds like zombies shooting, space ship wars, ancient kings battles etc. most of the games now a day are usually guns focused you are usually provided a situation and a gun in your hands by which you uses to shoot the bad guys. Most of the games are alike to each other and players finds it boring to play. If you are one of them here in this article we are about to show you something new and exciting which is not like the old and traditional games. Farming Simulator as by its name this game is all about farming crops. But not just that don’t judge a book by its cover this game provide you feelings like a real farmer how to manage your crops, how to grow how to plant, how to water, how to protect your fields from different animals. In this game you are provided with a tractor simulator which will get the job done for you. You can use your tractor to do most of the work in your farms.

You go further and further in the game by selling your crops in the market. By selling your crops you are provided new lands and money. Which is used to get different resources of the game.

farming simulator 17

Additional Information About Farming Simulator 17:

  • Farming Simulator was updated on Date 24 May 2016 for the last time.
  • The current version of Farming Simulator is 1.3.
  • Farming simulator was developed and designed by MobilePlus.
  • The total size of Farming simulator is 37MB.
  • Farming simulator can be used on android version of 2.3 and more.
  • The content rating of Farming simulator is 3 Plus in the google play store by its players.
  • There are more than 10000000 downloaders of this game.

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