Eid Ul Fitr Salah Procedure

Eid ul fitr 2018 could be celebrated on 15th june 2018 on friday. This date is a tentative date because the actual date can be determined on the sightining of the primary moon of shawwal. Shawwal is the tenth month of the islamic calendar. Eid ul fitar is an islamic pageant that is well known the next day earlier than the stop of the fasting month ramadan. The day of the eid ul fitr is decided at the sightining of the new month of shawwal. Eid ul fitar approach “ the end of fasting month”. Eid ul fitar is celebrated with the aid of all the muslims of the world. In this day muslims perform special eid prayers, concentrate to khutba, desire every other, wish every different with a warm heart and provide charity inside the form of food or money simply earlier than imparting the eid prayers. The muslims spend the entire month of ramadan in fasting and spend most in their time in zikar, tilawat and prayers and on eid ul fitr they celebrates with all of their hearts and say thanks to their writer.

eid ul fitr prayer procedure

Eid ul fitr Salah Procedure:

  1. Muslims follow their imam via elevating their palms to the ears saying allah o akbar.
  2. Then folding your fingers within the the front and recite the sanaa.
  3. Then following your imam say allah o akbar three times and raising your fingers upto the ears and droping them. Within the takbeers their may be a slight pause wherein you need to recite subhanallah 3 times.
  4. After third takbeer fold your hands in front and concentrate in your imam.
  5. Observe the imam and perform ruku as he do.
  6. Then visit sajda following your imam.
  7. Within the second rakat your imam will recite surah fateha and different surah and will say 3 takbeers after it.
  8. After the fourth takbeer visit the ruku.
  9. After eid prayer taking note of khutbah is wajib.

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